General Definitions

QA1 Curriculum Development Policy

QA1 Inclusion and Equity Policy

QA2 Acceptance and Refusal of Authorisations Policy

QA2 Administration of First Aid Policy

QA2 Administration of Medication Policy

QA2 Anaphylaxis Policy

QA2 Asthma Policy

QA2 Child Safe Environment Policy

QA2 Dealing With Infectious Diseases Policy

QA2 Dealing With Medical Conditions Policy

QA2 Delivery and Collection of Children Policy

QA2 Diabetes Policy

QA2 Emergency and Evacuation Policy

QA2 Epilepsy Policy

QA2 Excursions and Service Events Policy

QA2 Food Safety Policy

QA2 Hygiene Policy

QA2 Incident Injury Trauma Illness Policy

QA2 Nutrition Oral Health and Active Play Policy

QA2 Relaxation and Sleep Policy

QA2 Road Safety And Safe Transport Policy

QA2 Sun Protection Policy

QA2 Supervision of Children Policy

QA2 Water Safety Policy

QA3 Environmental Sustainability Policy

QA3 Occupational Health and Safety Policy

QA4 Code of Conduct Policy

QA4 Determining Responsible Person Policy

QA4 Participation of Volunteers and Students Policy

QA4 Staffing Policy

QA5 Interactions with Children Policy

QA6 Enrolment and Orientation Policy

QA7 Complaints and Grievances Policy

QA7 Emergency Delegation of Authority Policy 

QA7 Fees Policy

QA7 Governance and Management of the Service Policy

QA7 Information and Communication Technology Policy

QA7 Privacy and Confidentiality Policy