Our service is rated as exceeding the National Quality Standards and during 2022 we offer our three-year-old group 10 hours of preschool over two sessions. Children may attend three-year-old preschool provided they will be three years of age as at April 30 in the year of attendance.

Three-year-old session times for 2022

Mondays and Fridays: 8:30am to 1:30pm.

Enquire within or call 9435 2734 for more information.

Three-year-old fees for 2022

Three-year-old kinder is partially subsidised by the Victorian Government for 2022. Please visit the Department of Education and Training website for more information.

The fee for the three-year-old program is $490 per term. There is also an additional maintenance fee of $100.

How to enrol

Banyule City Council operates a central enrolment service for three-year-old kindergarten.

You can register for three-year-old kinder via Banyule Council’s online registration service.



As part of the process of enrolling a child at Briar Hill Preschool, you are required to acknowledge that you have read and accepted the policies which govern the management and operation of the Preschool. These policies ensure that Briar Hill’s program is safe and of the highest quality.
Please visit our policies page for a full list.